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Class Dojo a huge success!


Here at New River Primary we have been showcasing ‘Class Dojo’ a new online resource that connects teachers, parents/carers and children. Children earn points for their positive behaviour and input these into the App. This sends updates to parents/carers phones through the Class Dojo App, with live reports and instant messaging!

“I like the part when you can import your picture to Class Dojo” – Shard Class


“Class Dojo is really good because you can text your parents and tell them how well your doing” –¬†Shard Class


“I like it because when I get loads of points I can text my Nanny” –¬†Shard Class


“This app has improved communication between parents/carers and school. It is great motivator for children to know that their good behaviour is acknowledge with real time updates”, Ben (Teacher).