NRC Secondary – PE


KS4 – PE

PE is part of the foundation department at New River College and forms part of the varied curriculum our students study.

As with any secondary education we try to develop skills taught at Primary School and give students new experiences in different sporting activities. Depending on the academic pathway our students could develop skills in Rock climbing, Rugby, Dance and football which are all provided by professional external coaches. These opportunities coincide with curriculum lessons of Health related fitness, Basketball, Badminton and Boxercise.

You can find the current Core PE curriculum map here.

When a student comes to NRC we endeavour to enable them to complete any qualification in PE that they are already working towards, whether BTEC, GCSE or other.

New River College also offer two approved qualifications that some students are able to study:

Sports Leaders Level 1

Sports Leaders UK are a nationally recognised body who work with around 90,000 school students every year. They use their award scheme to improve confidence, communication and leadership qualities so that students can assist or even lead small PE activities to primary aged children.

The Sports Leaders award can be broken down into two units:

  1. Establishing Leadership skills – students will identify leadership characteristics and start to evaluate how they can develop their own skills in communication, confidence, discipline and other areas that they have identified. This unit is based in the classroom so that students are able to complete the required coursework to progress through to unit 2.
  2. Plan, assist in leading and review physical activity sessions – Students will then work with staff to assist in the delivery of sport sessions to other students, usually students in Primary schools. In order to complete the course students should be able to plan and review a sporting activity taking into account factors such as; age, ability, equipment needed/required, location of activity and previous experience of students with the activity planned. To pass this unit students have to assist in at least one 15min session and demonstrate 1 hour of leadership as an individual.

NCFE VCERT in Health and Fitness

VCERT offer an alternative course to BTEC and GCSE PE and students who study the VCERT are able to progress on to Level 3 courses if they are successful. Through studying diet / nutrition, principles and methods of training students can begin to understand how to use this information and write successful training programmes that might lead to a successful sporting career. There are four compulsory units that need to be completed in order to successfully pass the course.

You can find the VCERT curriculum map here.

Coursework based units:

  1. Principles of Health and Fitness – Students are able to identify and describe health and skill related components of fitness and how you can test these components to identify any health or fitness concerns. Students will also learn the structure of the main body systems and how they work together to keep us physically and mentally active.
  2. Healthy Lifestyles – This unit looks at the importance of diet and nutrition on the body. Students will be able to describe a balanced diet and identify some of the lifestyle diseases that people suffer from due to a lack of physical activity.
  3. Develop a personal health and fitness programme – Students are able to design an individual fitness programme using the FITT principle and then carry out the programme. During the programme they are able to demonstrate good technique and identify the key skills of a warm up and cool down. Once the programme is completed the students use data to review their programme to see if improvements have been made.
  4. (Examination unit) Preparing and planning for health and fitness – This exam is 2 hours long and covers topics from the previous units.