About the Course 

We have developed a curriculum to support our students in learning the fundamental elements of art and design through fun and engaging themes and topics. We recognise that some students many have had limited access to the arts in previous schools, and so we strive to make the art room an enjoyable, calming and welcoming environment.  

We start the academic year learning the basic elements of art and design. This helps students learn or build on previous knowledge, developing their confidence and skills in the subject.  Our curriculum offers lots of opportunities for students to learn a variety of techniques and processes using a wide range of media. We have high expectations of students and use exemplar work from previous students to support learning. Trips have been planned to link with current schemes of work, to enhance students learning and link with artists, cultures or topics. 

What will students learn? 

We have developed our curriculum to allow students to build on previous knowledge/skills or the opportunity to gain it with us.  

To help consolidate students understanding of key art terms and vocabulary, each term elements of art and principles of design have been incorporated into the learning. Lessons are sequenced to help students make clear progress, however schemes of work are made with some flexibility to allow the needs of individuals to be met. Students will be learning to: 

  • Develop drawing skills and recording of ideas  
  • Experiment with a variety of media 
  • Use a range of techniques and processes, such as printmaking, cyanotype, and painting 
  • Develop ideas into final outcomes 
  • To analyse the work of others and reflect on their own work  
  • To share art skills or techniques with others 

All of the above help to build students skills and confidence in a range of media to prepare them for GCSE. A range of contemporary and world renowned artists have been selected to support our curriculum and demonstrate to the students how vast and varied the art world is.  

Access our Curriculum Map for KS3 here……  

Additional Support 

Students are encouraged to complete homework. They also have the opportunity to attend lunch-time or after-school art club. 

Qualifications and accreditation  

Students have an opportunity to complete the following courses with us: 

  • The Bronze Arts Award (Level one) 

The Bronze Arts Award 

The art department collaborates with the English department to deliver this qualification. The Bronze Arts Award helps students to experience many art forms from a variety of different viewpoints and to record their experiences.  This includes: 

  • actively participating in any art form 
  • attending at least one arts event and their review of that event 
  • researching the career and work of an artist or craftsperson  
  • passing on an arts skill 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities 

Students will have the opportunity to develop their art skills or catch up with work during art clubs held at lunch-time or after-school.  


Students have the opportunity to attend different art galleries and museum visits, as well as working with artists’, craft people or designers in school. Trips are planned to tie in with current schemes of work to enhance students learning.  

How will students be assessed? 

  • Upon entry: baseline art activity. This is to provide teachers with an understanding of students past experience in the subject area. 
  • During term: Students will receive regular feedback in lesson, both verbal and in written form of the work they completed in class or at home. Students’ will have the opportunity to develop work further and discuss with the teacher their understanding of the topic.  
  • End of each half term: students work completed over the term will be graded with the PEARSON’S STEPS which correspond with the 1-9 GCSE grading system. Students will work towards completing a final outcome at the end of each term.  

A work tracker is used to easily identify the work each student has completed.  To ensure students are making progress sketchbooks and work is marked regularly following the NRC marking policy. Interventions are put in place to help students to catch up with missed work, for example 1-2-1 support offered during tutor time, lunch or afterschool.  

Please find information about Pearson’s STEPS here….