Key Stage 3 – ART

About the Course

At New River College, Key Stage 3 students learn the fundamental elements of art and design. Students explore a wide range of media, techniques and processes, inspired by artists and working to a variety of themes. Students are encouraged to take risks with their experimentation, develop their skills recording observations and ideas. This includes written annotation and analysis.  We develop students’ confidence to work creatively and reflect on their outcomes to become independent learners.

What will students learn?

  • Develop drawing skills and recording of ideas
  • Experiment with a variety of media
  • Learn a range of techniques and processes, such as printmaking, cyanotype, and painting
  • Design process
  • Develop ideas into final outcomes
  • To analyse the work of others and reflect on their own work
  • To share art skills or techniques with others

Access our Curriculum Map for KS3 Elthorne Road here

Access our Curriculum Map for KS3 Lough Road here

Additional Support

Students are encouraged to complete homework. They also have the opportunity to attend lunch-time or after-school art club.

Qualifications and accreditation

Students have an opportunity to complete the following courses with us:

  • The Bronze Arts Award
  • Edexcel GCSE Art, Craft and Design (Started year 9)

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students will have the opportunity to develop their art skills or catch up with work during art clubs held at lunch-time or after-school.


Students have the opportunity to attend different art galleries and museum visits, as well as working with artists’, craft people or designers in school.

How will students be assessed?

  • Upon entry: baseline art activity
  • During term: written and verbal formative feedback from teachers with opportunities to develop work further.
  • End of each half term: students are graded with the PEARSON’S STEPS which correspond with the 1-9 GCSE grading system.

Please find information about Pearson’s STEPS here….