Upcoming events at NRC Primary

This Spring 1….

We took part in January’s RSPB Big Bird Watch.

On the week of the 18th we asked the children to think about how they can save more energy around school and in their homes!

National Storytelling Week began on 1st February. We welcomed people to share their favourite stories with us. We are learning more about children’s mental health in the week of 8th February and how we can promote mental health wellbeing.

This Spring 2….

Fairtrade fortnight begins 22nd February! We will be thinking about where our food comes from and how to make sure farmers get a fair deal.

March 4th – it’s that time again! Root around in your wardrobes for World Book Day, who will you come dressed as this year?

15th March we spend the week exploring and celebrating one of the greatest playwrights, Shakespeare!

26th March we welcome you to join us in the Big Spring Clean Jumble Sale – more info to follow closer to the time 😊