Outreach Service

“Building capacity in schools to better manage pupils/students with social, emotional and behaviour difficulties.”

The NRC Outreach Service provides services to schools to improve pupil/student behaviour and reduce exclusions.

We provide the following services to mainstream primary and secondary schools in Islington to enable schools to develop their capacity to support pupils with social, emotional and behavioural needs:

  • Staff training around behaviour management strategies and understanding pupil behaviour. We provide a core offer of central training and bespoke training for staff in schools.
  • Support for whole school policy development including whole school behaviour audits.
  • Attendance at Pastoral Care/Inclusion meetings as part of the “Team Around the School”. You will have a designated NRC Outreach professional for your school who you can liaise with and who will attend these meetings.
  • Support for school staff to set up systems to better manage or prevent pupil/student behaviour difficulties (such as peer support systems, playground activities, classroom systems).
  • Modelling and coaching staff around group work with pupils/students (such as anger management, social skills and self-esteem groups, nurture-type groups). We will also provide resources to support planning of such groups.
  • Assessment of individual children with behavioural and/or emotional needs.
  • Outreach work with individual or groups of children where interventions and/or strategies are modelled to key school staff (e.g. Year 6-7 transition groups, nurture groups, reintegration following a place at the PRU or Aspire Programme).

Key processes:

  • A designated NRC Outreach professional will be linked to your school and will attend “Team Around the School meetings”.
  • Schools should complete and return the NRC Outreach referral and consent form when requesting support.
  • Within a week of receipt of the request for support your designated NRC Outreach professional will contact you to arrange a meeting and/or begin an assessment of a pupil/student/class (assessment will involve meetings with key people, observations, completion of the Boxall Profile).
  • For any direct outreach work with individual or groups of pupils/students (e.g. Year 6-7 transition groups, social skill groups) a member of school staff will need to be identified to work alongside the NRC Outreach Service so that strategies/interventions can be modelled. A Partnership Agreement will be written by the NRC Outreach Service and the school to make a clear agreement about the nature of support provided.
  • A Pastoral Support Programme (PSP) or behaviour plan will be developed for individual pupil referrals as part of the TAC process.
  • PSP reviews should take place at least every 6-weeks.
  • At the end of a piece of work or training and/or at the end of the summer term, we will ask you to complete an evaluation of our support.

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