New River College Primary

About Us

At NRC Primary we aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve academically, emotionally, socially and behaviourally. All staff and agencies involved at NRC Primary promote spiritual, moral, social and reflective development and this is ingrained into all our daily practice.

We succeed in doing this through setting relevant and realistic challenges and targets so that every pupil has the equal opportunity to be successful and achieve all that they can.

Teachers know their pupils well and are skilled in helping them overcome the barriers to their learning….Pupils are all cared for and parents confirm they feel secure  and happy at school” 

Ofsted 2013

“Pupil’s good progress is underpinned by their rapid progress in personal development” 

Ofsted 2013

“The school operates as a harmonious, calm and cohesive community”

Ofsted 2013


Safeguarding leaflet in Reception

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