MEDICAL students click here for information and work

If you would like to speak to someone at school please telephone or email.

If you are in Year 11 you will continue to have careers guidance and support for applications via telephone and email with your career’s adviser.

Your teachers are providing work for you to continue with your studies if you are not in school but well enough to work or, if school closes.

You can access lessons for each subject you study. Log in to with your usual school username and password.


Password: ABCD (unless you have changed your login)

Go to the student shared area. Here you will see folders for each subject. Within this there is a folder with your name on with lessons and activities for you to complete.

In addition to the lessons and activities in folders set up for you there is also Lexia and Mymaths that you should work on every day. Teachers can see the progress you are making on these programmes.

English Website: Teacher email:

Student Username: Firstname.Lastname

Student Password: NRCLexia

Maths My Maths

The school username is: newriver1

The school password is: divide266

Your personal username is: You should have a received a letter with this on, if not contact Sharon Kelly

Functional Skills

Practice papers can be found on the Edexcel Functional skills website under practice papers.

GCSE English Language AQA BBC Revision English Biz Revision World

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GCE Science

BBC Revision AQA GCSE Science Trilogy

Required Practical’s AQA GCSE Biology