New River College is supported by a group of governors who form the Management Committee. The governors have a strategic and hands on role in leading the PRUs in partnership with the senior leadership team of the college. Governors are keen to see the added value that pupils get by attending NRC to enable them to develop the skills needed to move on either back into mainstream, specialist settings, colleges or the world of work.

The NRC governors have a wide variety of backgrounds and skills to draw on to support them in this pivotal leadership role. There are a number of local headteachers and staff members who provide excellent advice around education based on experience of running successful schools. In addition there are a number of other governors who bring a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds including business, finance, public sector, third sector, charities, legal services and construction. These skills have enabled NRC to make progress in a variety of areas. They also help to provide the challenge and support essential to the effective functioning of the school.


The Management Committee is divided into a number of sub-committees, each with its own specific focus. These are the Finance and Resources, Teaching and Learning, and Pupil and Community Committees. Please click here for the make up of these committees.

Committee Meetings

The two links below show details of attendance at NRC Management Committee meetings.

Link Governors

Link governors are members of, and are appointed by, the Management Committee to oversee specific aspects of governors’ responsibilities within the school. There is no legal requirement to appoint link governors, but they can be a highly effective way of helping the Management Committee to understand, oversee, monitor, and develop a particular area of responsibility within the school.

For a full list of New River College’s link governors, and their areas of responsibility, click here.

The link governor should ultimately enrich the whole Management Committee’s understanding of their particular area and contribute to informed decision making. Link governors are also a useful way for the Management Committee to develop positive links with staff and to maintain a visible and professional profile within the school.

More detailed information on link governors and their specific roles and responsibilities is contained in the document below:

What is a Link Governor?

Declaration of Interest

Click here for the NRC Governors’ declarations of interest.