Humanities at New River College

About the course 

The Humanities are the subjects that help us understand the world around us and the experience of being human. At KS3 all students have access to an engaging and well-rounded Humanities curriculum that provides them with solid foundations to progress to study of any Humanities subject of their choice at KS4, as well as gaining an accredited qualification. 

History – using evidence to investigate different interpretations of the past events that shape our present and future lives. 

Geography – understanding the features of the human and physical environments in which we live and the processes that shape them. 

Citizenship – understanding the different communities we are part of and developing the skills required to participate actively in these communities, making positive change. 

Religious Studies – learning about, and learning from, different religious beliefs and practices, including non-religious perspectives on life’s big questions and moral issues. 

You can find the curriculum map here. 

What will students learn? 

Students study a diverse range of topics for the WJEC Humanities Entry Pathways qualification. Topics are chosen to be engaging to students and to ensure access to as broad a Humanities curriculum as possible across the disciplines in the time that they are with us (History/ Geography/ Citizenship/ Religious Studies).  

Links are made with prior learning in previous schools, and between topics in terms of the development of transferable skills – e.g. source analysis skills, essay writing skills. 

Topics include: 

  • British Society in the Past 
  • Change Over Time 
  • Child Poverty and Exploitation 
  • Community Action 
  • Contentious Issues 
  • Effects of Consumerism 
  • Environmental Awareness 
  • Famous Followers of Religion 
  • Looking at your History 
  • Non-British Society in the Past 
  • People and Protest 
  • Persecution of People 
  • Religious Festivals 
  • Responses to Conflict in World Events 
  • Sustainable Tourism 
  • Taking a Role in Society 
  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis 

Additional Support 

Additional support is provided in conversation with Learning Assistants in lessons and after school support/ catch-up sessions are offered. 

Qualifications and Accreditation 

Students study a diverse range of topics for the WJEC Humanities Entry Pathways qualification which is assessed through project work.  

Extra-curricular Opportunities and Trips 

The Humanities curriculum is enriched by trips such as Parliament, the Migration Museum and the London Buddhist Centre. In the summer term we collaborate with the New River College outreach team to work on a ‘Hip-Hop Humanities’ project, using music to explore new topics and communicate learning. Participation in the student council offers students a practical experience of active Citizenship. 

How will students be assessed 

Upon entry: baseline activity. 

During term: written and verbal formative feedback from teacher with opportunities to develop work further. 

End of each half term: students are graded with Pearson’s Steps which correspond with the 1-9 GCSE grading system. 

End of the year: Humanities Entry Pathways project work is entered to the exam board for accreditation