NRC Secondary – PE

Core PE 

Students tackle complex and demanding physical activities. They get involved in a range of activities that develops personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle. Basketball, Football, Table tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Badminton. 

NCFE Level 1 / 2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness 

About the Course 

At Key Stage 4 students follow the NCFE Level 1/2Technical Award in Health and Fitness. This qualification is equivalent to a GCSE PE. We have developed our curriculum to cover individual needs of our students to help our students make good progress and reach their maximum potential. Having researched different qualification options for our PE students we felt that the Vcert certificate was most suitable.  

This qualification has been designed to sit alongside the requirements of core GCSE subjects and is appropriate for learners who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on experiences and through content which is concrete and directly related to those experiences.” (Foundation/PE/l1-2-ta-health-and-fitness-603-2650-5-qualification-specification-v21.pdf) 

We set high expectations through challenging lessons, using a range of resources and individual targets/plans for students to achieve their best. I use a variety of different resources, including practical implementation from their theory lessons.  

Qualification structure and assessment  

Unit 1 – Written exam – 40% of grade (Externally assessed) 

Unit 2 – Synoptic Project – 60% of grade (Internally assessed and externally quality assured) 

Skills and knowledge KS4 

This qualification shows learners how to:  

  • understand and identify the main body systems and their functions  
  • understand the Principles of Training and FITT  

Unit 1 provides learners with the underpinning knowledge and understanding required for health and fitness. Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of key body systems. Learners will know and understand the short- and long-term effects that health and fitness activities can have on the body. Learners will know and understand the components of fitness and the principles of training.   

Unit provides learners with the knowledge and understanding to be able to prepare and plan for health and fitness. Learners will know and understand the impact of lifestyle on health and fitness and be able to apply health and fitness analysis to set goals. Learners will know and understand how to test and develop components of fitness. Learners will know and understand how to structure a health and fitness programme and how to prepare safely for health and fitness activities.  

Learners will develop skills and knowledge:  

  • explore how physical activities effect the body in the short- and long-term  
  • understand how relevant fitness tests can be used for specific health and skill components of fitness  
  • understand different lifestyle analysis tools and how to apply them  
  • create a health and fitness programme.    
  • in adapting their own ideas and responding to feedback  
  • in evaluating their own work  
  • analysing data and making decisions that are essential for the health and fitness sector, such as evaluation skills, responding to data, independent working, working to deadlines, and efficient use of resources.  

This qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to health and fitness that includes a vocational and project-based element. The qualification will appeal to learners who wish to pursue a career in the health and fitness sector or progress onto further study. The NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness complements GCSE qualifications.  This qualification is designed to match the rigour and challenge of GCSE study. 

Access our curriculum map for Year 10 here…. 

Access our curriculum map for Year 11 here… 

Additional Support 

One to one support is offered to students after school. 

Qualifications and accreditation  

NCFE Level 1/2Technical Award in Health and Fitness 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities 

Arsenal Football projects 

Delaglio Rugby Works 

Each term a different sport is offered afterschool 


Students will have the opportunity to attend trips relating to the PE curriculum and in partnership with Arsenal and the Delaglio Rugby Works. 

How will students be assessed? 

  • Students’ V Cert course books are continually marked via written and verbal formative feedback from their teacher, with opportunities to develop work further. 
  • Each topic is finished with a revision quiz to help prepare students for the exam element of the qualification. 
  • Core PE students’ progress will be tracked on specific elements of the sport they are participating in, this will correspond with GCSE grades 1-9 

A work tracker is used to easily identify the work each student has completed.  To ensure students are making progress work is marked regularly following the NRC marking policy. Interventions are put in place to help students to catch up with missed work, for example 1-2-1 support offered during tutor time, lunch or afterschool.