NRC Secondary – Maths

Key Stage 4

About the Course

At the start of Year 10, students begin to study the Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Mathematics course. However, we have adapted the curriculum to suit the learning needs of all students regardless their curriculum pathway while still retaining content and depth that challenge but motivate learners. 

Our primary goal is to promote and encourage students’ independence broaden the scope of their confidence, motivation, knowledge and understanding of problem solving skills and reasoning. 

The curriculum also aim to build on the content, knowledge and skills developed in the KS3 programme of study for mathematics. 

The curriculum is accessible to every learner and offers a robust foundation for academic, vocational and employment opportunities. 


The content of the curriculum map sequence is such that there are overlaps between Functional Skills; KS3 and KS4 contents of study to enable students carry forward and transfer prior knowledge and prerequisite (cognitive, communication, problem solving, evaluation and collaboration) skills. 

Lessons are enriched with cross-curricular activities with opportunities for investigating relevance to real-life and work place content. 


It is greatly expected that gaps in students’ learning and misconceptions will be promptly identified to inform adequate and effective intervention strategies that will support students to progress to the next level. 

This will impart positively on the perception of students of Maths and improve behaviour for learning. Teaching and learning times will be optimised thus enhancing the teaching and learning experience of students and teachers, improve learning outcome in lessons and raise attainment. 

Access year 10 curriculum map here 

Access year 11 curriculum map here