NRC Secondary – Humanities

Key Stage 3

The Humanities department at New River College offers a broad and engaging humanities curriculum that will give students and opportunity to acquire skills in History and Geography but also to examine the world around them through the topics.  They will gain an insight into British Culture and values and their part in the world as both a Historian and Geographer.

The curriculum is delivered in a three year rolling programme to mixed KS3 classes.  This allows for students to join or re-join classes at any point and not repeat work.

How will students be assessed?

At KS3 students are assessed using the Pearson steps.  Each of these steps is broken into a single skill to act as PLC (Personalised learning Checklist) in line with the Pixl school model.  This allows students to have a clear vision for and ownership over their own learning.

Key Stage 4

This Year our main KS4 Course is AQA GCSE Religious Studies (Spec A).  This is based upon a study of Buddhism and Christianity.  Students have a chance to examine the lives and beliefs of these religions.  They contrast the beliefs to their own lives and examine responses to ethical questions.

Edexcel Entry Level History is also offered for Students who are not able to access a GCSE at this point in time.  They will study two units of their choosing and sit the papers and case study at the end of the course.

Should a student arrive significantly into different GCSE course, we are able to adapt lessons to enable the student to continue their learning in this subject.