NRC Secondary – Food Technology

Key Stage 4 – Food Technology

About the Course 

Food skills is taught to key stage four students once a week where they follow the BTEC Level 1/2 Award in Home Cooking Skills.  

Students develop: 

  • their knowledge, understanding and confidence to cook meals at home 
  • an understanding of how to economise when planning a meal 
  • an ability to transfer skills learned to different recipes 
  • an ability to inspire others by transferring that knowledge 

We feel this course of study provides our young people with valuable life skills and prepares them for potential further courses in food or catering.  

What will students learn?  

BTEC Home Cooking Skills Level 1 – Students will learn to: 

  • Select and prepare ingredients for a recipe 
  • Use cooking skills when following a recipe 
  • Demonstrate food safety and hygiene throughout the preparation and cooking process 
  • Reflect on their own learning about the value of gaining cooking skills 
  • Identify ways to pass on information about home cooking 

BTEC Home Cooking Skills Level 2 – Students will learn to: 

  • Plan a nutritious two-course meal 
  • Select and prepare ingredients of recipes for a nutritious two-course meal 
  • Use cooking skills when following the recipes 
  • Demonstrate food safety and hygiene throughout the preparation and cooking process 
  • Apply presentation skills when serving the meal 
  • Explain ways to economise when cooking at home 
  • Identify ways information about cooking meals at home from scratch has been passed on to others 

Students will continue to build upon their basic cooking skills regularly, such as chopping, slicing, bringing food to a simmer, to help reinforce their understanding and confidence in cooking at home. 

Access our Curriculum Map for KS4 here……  

Additional Support 

Students have the opportunity to receive extra support with written work for BTEC during lunchtimes or after-school. 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities 

Students have the opportunity to choose food skills as an option to their curriculum offer on a Friday afternoon.  

How will students be assessed? 

Students’ written work is marked regularly, and they receive verbal feedback in lessons.  

A work tracker is used to easily identify the work each student has completed.  To ensure students are making progress work is marked regularly following the NRC marking policy. Interventions are put in place to help students to catch up with missed work, for example 1-2-1 support offered during tutor time, lunch or afterschool.