NRC Secondary – Art

Key Stage 4 – ART

About the Course 

At Key Stage 4 students follow the Edexcel GSCE syllabus for Art, Craft and Design. Students build upon their Key Stage 3 skills and knowledge to meet four assessment objectives. The course involves two units, comprising of a coursework portfolio and an externally set assignment (including 10-hour exam, spread over a number of days).  

Students have the opportunity to explore and develop their art skills in a wide range of areas and are encouraged to develop individual ideas and outcomes. Students take risks through experimentation and reflect on their work and that of others. This promotes self-confidence and builds students’ self-esteem to learn from mistakes and become independent learners. 

Skills and knowledge KS4 

Year 10 – Year 11 (January) 

Year 10 students begin the course developing a theme idea and building up a body of work, demonstrating high quality experimentation using a variety of media and different techniques and processes.  

Students learn how to analysis a piece of artwork and learn to recognise how artists’ have used the key elements of art in their work. They are encouraged to draw inspiration from artists to help inform and to develop their own ideas.  

Students will develop a range of transferable skills, including problem solving skills. They will make two final outcomes, one 3D piece and one 2D piece over the course. This work will make up their core portfolio which is worth 60% of their GCSE. We follow the Art, Craft and Design specification to allow flexibility for students to concentrate on areas of art which they feel particularly passionate about or to build on work students have perhaps started in another school.  

Unit 1 – Coursework Portfolio 60% 

o Develop and explore ideas 

o Research primary and contextual sources 

o Experiment with media, materials, techniques and processes  

o Present personal response(s) to set theme(s) 

Access our curriculum map for Year 10 here…. 

Year 11 (January – May) 

Students receive an externally set assignment in January of year 11. The assignment will set a theme which the students have to explore and develop over the next few months. Students follow the same format as their year 10 coursework to develop ideas to create a final outcome.  

Students have a 10 hour period, under exam conditions to create their final outcome idea. This exam is normally spread over a number of days. All preparatory work is marked for the externally set assignment as well as the final outcome.  

Unit 2 – Externally Set Assignment (ESA) 40% 

o Develop and explore ideas  

o Research primary and contextual sources 

o Experiment with media, materials, techniques and processes  

o Present personal response(s) to the externally-set theme 

Access our curriculum map for Year 11 here… 

Bronze Arts Award 

We also offer the Bronze Arts Award Certificate, a Level 1 course. Students can work towards gaining this qualification particularly if they arrive late into the year 11 term or are due to transition back to a mainstream setting.  

How will students be assessed? 

  • Students’ coursework portfolio is continually marked via written and verbal formative feedback from teachers, with opportunities to develop work further. 
  • There are mock exams throughout Year 10 and Year 11, with the work counting towards student’s portfolios. 
  • For GCSE and Bronze Arts Award, students work will be externally moderated.  

A work tracker is used to easily identify the work each student has completed.  To ensure students are making progress work is marked regularly following the NRC marking policy. Interventions are put in place to help students to catch up with missed work, for example 1-2-1 support offered during tutor time, lunch or afterschool.