Whittington Hospital Class

Whittington Hospital Classroom

Education is offered to all school age pupils on the Ifor ward at the Whittington Hospital. They are taught in the classroom, on the ward or in cubicles.

NRC Medical - Remembrance Day Display
Curriculum offered in the hospital

New River College offers an inspirational topic based curriculum to all students at Key Stages 1-3. Some examples of these are Polar Regions, Chinese New Year and Remembrance Day.

Teachers are also able to support students who are studying for KS4 exams and, where needed, provision can be made for pupils at NRC Medical to sit external examinations, utilising resources from across New River College.


Hospital Enrichment

Computing and educational programmes are also used to enrich students’ learning through subject or topic based work. This can be done in the classroom or at their bedside.

The curriculum is enriched by outreach visits to the ward e.g. Music in Hospital, National Gallery and Theatre companies. Our students enjoy entering competitions run by Whittington Health such as designing a poster to encourage people to stop smoking.