The Lodge

The Lodge

Education is offered to Key Stage 3 and 4 who are receiving medical treatment and are unable to attend school. We offer students the opportunity to take Functional Skills and GCSEs in core subjects.

Academy21 is a GCSE online learning resource, where students access lessons in a safe and personalised way.

At the Lodge, students are given access to an innovative online resource called Guroo. This is an assessment tool which provides a diagnostic of their skills in English, Maths and ICT.  It offers learning resources tailored to individual needs and supports the teaching of Functional Skills.

Students work in a small, nurturing environment; they can enjoy an enriched curriculum and take part in  Gardening, Photography, Arsenal Double Club and Art workshops.

Curriculum offered at The Lodge


Students are able to study Edexcel English Functional Skills and Cambridge board English IGCSE through an online programme called Academy21.

Functional Skills enable students to learn valuable life skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening.  For example, they are taught to be able to write a formal letter of application, locate information in leaflets and speak in different social situations.

Academy21 is an online option for students who may wish to study English at GCSE. Students follow the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus; this enables them to develop the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in both speech and writing. For example students analyse the effect of persuasive devices used in advertising and may design their own product to present to a ‘Dragon’s Den’-style board.


Students are able to study Edexcel Maths Functional Skills and AQA Maths IGCSE through an online programme called Academy21.

Maths Functional Skills allows students to learn valuable life skills and develop their ability to solve mathematical problems, interpret data and solve problems. For example, they are taught to use money in everyday situations and read timetables.


At Key Stage 3, we follow the National Curriculum and a variety of resources to inspire learning of this subject. For example we make electrical kits to create circuits when studying electricity.

Key Stage 4, students are able to study IGCSE Physics, Biology and Chemistry using Academy21.

ICT (Computing)

ICT is an imperative life skill for all students to develop. Students can gain a Functional Skills qualification from the Edexcel exam board. The course is designed to equip learners with the confidence and ability to use ICT systems and tools. The students find, select, develop, present and communicate information which is contextualised with examples of use in everyday life.

The London Project

Students have the opportunity to learn about the wider world through the London Project. They have the privileged position of being able to learn about one of the world’s most diverse and multicultural cities in the world. They are supported in organising trips to various London locations, such as The British Museum and The Transport Museum. The trips help the students to develop important life skills such as reading timetables, finding directions and handling money.

Food Technology

Students attending the Lodge follow the Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills programme, gaining valuable life skills and the possibility of BTEC Level 1 recognition. NRC Medical has been given the Silver Award for Healthy Schools London, working closely with the London Borough of Islington on healthy lifestyle initiatives. This all supports our students with knowledge of healthy food and the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.

During the course of our food technology curriculum at the Lodge we endeavour to raise awareness of culturally different foods for our pupils. We aim to establish a strong link between PSHEE and cookery which has included celebrating Diwali, exploring diets from around the world, including classically British dishes, and specific dietary requirements during Diabetes Awareness Week. Students are able to enjoy creating a variety of dishes; butternut squash and red lentil soup, spring rolls, chicken curry, and bagels to name a few!

Students also add to their knowledge of healthy eating via support from More Life – an organisation which supports schools in educating young people about weight.