Home Tuition

Home Tuition

This is a short term provision for students with medical needs who are unable to access mainstream education.

NRC home tuition provides individualised education for children aged 5-16 with severe/long term medical conditions (eg. Oncology treatment, physical injury, mental health, cystic fibrosis). Such medical conditions can cause a range of barriers to being in school and 1:1 home tuition provides teaching to accelerate progress and close the gaps due to absence. Our curriculum drivers are the levels the pupils are working at, work set by their school so they keep up with their peers and, the professional judgement of tutors to meeting individual learning needs.

Ongoing meetings involving the school teachers, parent/carer, medical professionals review the progress the pupil is making in their academic and personal development. These inform next steps for the curriculum offer and take into consideration pupil feedback.

Curriculum offered in the home

Core subjects are taught at all Key Stages and our service makes strong links with the student’s school to follow the National Curriculum. For example we build on Key Stage 1 student’s knowledge of phonics by using the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.

Key Stage 4 students can continue with their core subjects until they are well enough to return to school.