Key Stage 3 Mathematics

NRC KS3 Maths

The learning and development of students’ mathematics is a very important part of their education. It is essential that our students develop the skills necessary to operate in an ever increasing technological world. Mathematics plays a major role in the world we live in today from the development of computers and how we work, to the way we shop, organise our finances and spend our leisure time.

Mathematics also provides students with the tools and skills to solve problems and communicate across all subjects from reading and interpreting graphs in science to looking at perspective and design in Art. Progress in mathematics will help students gain confidence across the curriculum.

Mathematics is an integral part of the New River College KS3 curriculum, students have a lesson of maths every day along with three mental maths slots per week. We teach students in mixed ability groups and within this are able to offer the necessary support and challenge. Rigorous assessment allows for a personalised curriculum within the scheme of work where we are able to highlight and work on weaknesses and ensure progress is being made.

Students follow the Pearson Mathematics Progression Steps. This course is designed to nurture confidence, build fluency, improve problem solving skills and develop mathematical reasoning. Through their ‘Check, Strengthen and Extend’ approach more time, breadth and depth can be spent on topics to help mastery of mathematical concepts. Students who do not master the topic in the first few lessons are given time and opportunity to revisit key concepts explained in different ways and at a slower pace. Students who do master the topic do not simply do more of the same, instead they are challenged by increasing breadth and depth of their understanding.

Over the course of the academic year students engage in the following areas of maths:

  • Using and applying mathematics
  • Numbers and the number system
  • Calculation
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Algebra
  • Geometry and measure
  • Probability
  • Statistics

For a more in depth view of the mathematics curriculum, click here below to see an overview of the scheme of work for this year.