Creative Media

Key Stage 4 – Creative Media

About the Course

We here at Lough Road aim to create a nurturing, yet challenging environment for young people to learn, take risks and make progress. Students opting for Media will become familiar with a range of media production techniques preparing them for vocational training and careers in a growing industry. We set high standards and aim to make the study and production of media a fun and relevant experience with opportunities to create, explore and evaluate familiar, age appropriate media texts, as well as broaden young people’s knowledge and understanding about wider media issues through less familiar, more challenging media texts. We provide support for all, as well as stretch and challenge through our personalised learning approach. All classes are mixed ability at KS4.

What will students learn? Level One Award

Unit 1 – Developing Creative Media Skills

Students will explore:

  • The content and purpose of digital media products
  • Style and the use of digital design elements
  • Idea generation and the production process
  • Experiment with a variety of media production skills and techniques
  • Apply the technical skills that they learn
  • Reflect on their progress and use of skills, as well as how they could improve

Unit 13 – Job Opportunities in Creative Media

Students will:

  • Identify and research different jobs in the industry
  • Explore conditions of employment and the qualifications and skills required for different jobs
  • Set realistic short- and medium-term goals for their career pathway in media

What will students learn? Level One Certificate

Unit 11 – Audio and Video Editing

Students will:

  • Experiment with a variety of audio and video editing techniques
  • Develop their knowledge of when and why editing is carried out
  • Generate ideas for editing by collecting information and planning to edit materials.
  • Review their editing work by collecting feedback and reviewing aspects that went well and aspects that could be improved

Unit 8 – Exploring Digital Photography

Students will:

  • Explore the processes involved in digital photography
  • Develop ideas for their own photographic work inspired by an agreed theme
  • Create a range of photographic images
  • Review their work.

Unit 22 – Media Audiences and Products

Students will:

  • Develop an understanding of how the media targets audiences with specific products
  • Identify the methods used by media industries to target specific audiences and explore how media industries gather information about their audiences and categorise them
  • Think critically about how audiences understand and make sense of media products
  • Learn how audiences make sense of the products offered to them.

Please find our Curriculum Map for KS4 here.

Additional Support and Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students can also participate in independent learning tasks to develop their knowledge and skills further. Students will be able to attend our Media Production and Performing Arts club at least once a week to develop their skills further.

Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in English and Drama to support their Speaking and Listening and wider reading skills.  All topics link to a specific industry context. Students may also explore cross curricular links to subjects such as History, Geography, Art and PSHE.

Qualifications and accreditation

Students have an opportunity to complete the following courses with us:

  • The Silver Arts award
  • Level 1 BTEC Specialist Qualification – Award or Certificate – Creative Media Production
  • Level 1 & 2 BTEC Creative Media Production

These are nationally recognised qualifications and along with the rest of the curriculum, help build the skillset and resilience needed for careers and further education.


There are plenty of opportunities for students to develop their enjoyment of Media through visits to the cinema, museum and exhibition trips, competitions and clubs.

How will students be assessed?

All assignments are internally assessed using a brief with different tasks to be completed. The assignments are internally verified.